Camp 2022

Camp 2022 will be held in Fairyhouse racecourse mid July 2022 – 13th -16th July for the younger members, 18th-21st July for the older members. What age groups are in what group will depend on numbers so we will need to know who will be attending early to organise this.

About Camp

This year, ponies arrive at Camp on the morning of the first day for vet inspection and stabling. Passports and flu vaccinations must be up to date for ponies to be admitted. Ponies attending camp should be fit , clean and tidy, well shod, pulled mane and trimmed tail. Camp runs from  8.30am – 4.30pm/5pm Daily.

This is a great week of instruction for the children. Children are expected to arrive bright and breezy in the mornings at 8.30am . The children are divided into groups of similar ability and are allocated an instructor for the 4 days. The whole day is spent with the ponies where the children are expected to feed, muck out, ride, groom and clean tack . They will ride twice a day and will be brought to different areas of the complex to learn the different discipline. A great week is had by all.
N.B. It is essential for children to get the full benefit of camp and be able to learn and do tasks that parents MUST LEAVE them in the care of the qualified instructors ,also for Health & Safety parents have been requested to drop children off in the morning and to collect them in the evenings. If you have any issue with this matter could you please contact the D.C’s in relation to this matter.

Children who wish to attend Camp MUST be seen at the pre Camp rallies. This gives an opportunity for the children to get to know one another before coming into camp and also to allow us to see the riding abilities and group them accordingly.

Mini  Camp for our younger members is  during main camp . DATES TO BE FULLY CONFIRMED BUT THEY WILL JOIN THE YOUNGER GROUP.

Any queries regarding camp please ring Miriam.

Passports and vaccinations must be up to date so check these in plenty of time

What to bring to Camp – Click here

What to bring to Mini Camp – Click here