Camp 2023

CAMP 2023

Camp 2023 will be held from 17th-21st July for all members at Fairyhouse Racecourse, Fairyhouse Road, Ratoath. Camp will start daily at 8.30am to 4.30/5pm. Passports and vaccinations must be up to date so check these in plenty of time, as unvaccinated ponies cannot be accepted to ensure the health of all our horses. Booking in for Camp is done through itsplainsailing on our website. A text will be sent out when camp bookings open and we will be requesting kids book in as early as possible to allow us to organise groups. What to bring to camp can be found on


About Camp:

Ponies arrive at Camp on Sunday 16th July for Vet Inspection. It is recommended that the children arrive around 8am on the first morning. Ponies attending Camp should be fit, clean, tidy, well shod, pulled mane and trimmed tail.

The children are divided into groups of similar age/ability and are allocated an instructor for the week. The whole day is spent with the ponies where the children are expected the feed, muck out, ride, groom and clean tack. They will ride twice a day and will be brought to different areas of the complex to learn the different discipline.

Children who wish to attend Camp MUST BE seen at the pre Camp rallies. This gives an opportunity for the children to get to know one another before coming into Camp and allow instructors to accurately decide what group a child should be in.

Mini Camp for our younger Members will run for 3 days during this week if the numbers are interested……(TBC)

Any queries regarding Camp can be directed to Miriam Coakley or Janet Gough.

Passports and vaccinations must be up to date so check these in plenty of time.

What to bring to Camp – Click here

What to bring to Mini Camp – Click here

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