Age Groups

Competing or age groups in the Pony Club are based on the age your child is on the 1st January each year.
There are categories for under 10 but not very common – Fledgling in Minimus is under 10 yrs of age.

Under 12′s are the most popular age category with Minimus being an Under 12 competition.  There are also Under 12 One Day Events which are very popular.  Mounted games also have under age categories.

Junior this is for age 12 -14 yrs of age on 1st January although it is possible for a member who is 11 yrs of age to take part in some Junior competitions but this must be cleared with the D.C beforehand.

Intermediatethis is for 14yrs and upwards to 21yrs.

Novice Intermediate this is for 14yrs and upwards but who are competing at Junior level course and also competing H/C (Haut Concourse).

Members for 21-23yr olds

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