5th March – Cross Country Rally at Abbeyfields, Clane

Entries are now live for the Abbeyfields Cross Country Rally in Clane on the 5th March at 11am.

Please book in on itsplainsailing ASAP to allow us to organize the correct number of instructors for the rally. Entries close on the 28th February at midnight.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before hand to be ready to ride at 11am.

As stated in a previous post, we will be looking at the turnout of both the rider and the horse at all our rallies. For a link to The Pony Club Turnout Checklist for Rallies please click, Pony Club Turnout CheckList for Rallies. Please print out and give to your child. The idea of the Turn Out checklist and inspection is to help the children prefect how they are supposed to present at Championships in a non-pressure environment. If we can do this at all our events, it will hopefully make things a lot easier for the kids(and their parents!!!) at the major competitions.

Please note for Pony Club Cross Country competitions, medical arm bands and number bibs will be needed. For new members please ensure you get these early to prevent panic the day before!!!!


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