Turnout of Members

We have decided to have a new format for turnout at Rallies ,Lessons,Competitons as it has come to our attention it needs a little tweeking. At each event we will be looking at your turnout ,Pony turnout and the repair and cleanliness of your tack. These matters are for your own safety as tack not in good repair and not clean can cause tack to break and therefore cause an accident.

We will be inspecting all members at every event and if you are asked to improve in a certain area we hope you will return the following week with this matter resolved.

Ponies should be clean and tidy manes neat and pulled, tails well brushed and any mud or stains on ponies removed. Hoof oil on hooves and ponies correctly shod.

Jockey’s should be clean neat and tidy pony club clothing worn at rallies/lessons ,Jodpurs clean and boots clean and polished.Correct helmet and back protector worn and same clean.Hairnets if required again this is a safety matter.

We hope you will help us with this quest not just at pony club but also out hunting and at other pony activities you attend.


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