Hunter Trials Season Starting Soon

Local Hunt Hunter Trials start in 4 weeks with Punchestown on the 19th March, followed by the Ward Union Hunter Trials on the 25th. The Louth Hunt in Tattersalls is on the 2nd April. Frankfort in Wicklow is on the 8th April.(a bit far but a good road and it has a pre novice course!). I have heard there will be a hunter trial in Boden Park but I don’t have a date and I haven’t seen it online anywhere yet. As more are announced we will post here. So that gives the kids 4 weeks to get their horses fit!
All these Hunter Trials are not part of the Pony Club and so will need insurance (~€130 per horse) and waivers signed in front of a solicitor. Unfortunately, this is the way our sport  has gone and we need to accept that there are now additional costs that weren’t there in previous years.
This years Pony Club Hunter Trial Championships is on the 22nd April in Crecora, Co. Limerick. There will be Under 12, Junior(12-14), Intro Intermediate(over 15) and Senior (over 15). For Junior and above, members must have their C test and be C+ standard at riding to be allowed do the Champioships. C Test is not required for the local hunter trials.
The Pony Club are running 2 rallies in March – 4th in Abbeyfield in Clane and 11th in Carlanstown, Kells.  Members need to do a minimum of 2 hunter trials and the rallies if they are thinking of doing the Championships. There is no point travelling all that way to the championships with the stress and pressure that that will entail, if you haven’t been able to get out to something much more local where the stress will be a lot less. The experience the kids will get by doing 2-3 of the local hunter trials will be invaluable even if they decide not to go to the championships. Members also need to be signed off by our DCs and instructors and it will be impossible to do this if they have not been seen.
We also think it would be nice if we could help kids pair up, as it is so much more fun when you are doing something as part of a team. We hope to facilitate this at the rallies and pairing could then be in place for the local hunter trials as well.
Any members who think they would like to do the Hunter Trial Championships, please let Miriam know ASAP, so we can get a plan in place.
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