Pony club tests are taken by members during their progression through the club. All tests are optional but members are encouraged to take them during their time at pony club.

The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind.
Your D.C., with advice from your instructor will advise you when you have reached the standard for a particular test.

Test Cards are available from the Irish Pony Club website on link below.  When you pass a test you will get a signed certificate and disc to wear behind your pony club badge which will be coloured for different levels.

Sequence of tests D Test>D+ Test>C Test >Riding & Road Safety>C+ Test> B Test>B+ Test>H Test >A Test

It is not mandatory to do any tests. From Junior Age group(12-14), members participating in pony club activities at national level need to have their C test. Eligibility for this is from the child’s 12 year. In 2024, children born in 2012 and later are eligible to do their C Test. As the C test is not needed for any under 12 activities, most members in the Ward Union Pony Club do their C test in their 13th year or later. Progression through the Pony Club Tests can be a valuable addition to any CV later on. If you have any further queries about tests please ask any of our committee members.

To view test syllabus click here

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