Minimus/Tetrathlon Training

Minimus/Tetrathlon swimming training has commenced in the National Aquatic Centre on Friday evenings 8-9pm .

Running training will start end of February and cross country riding will also start mid February. For more details contact Sara Jane 083 8455530 or Caroline 085 1221271. Below is a list of fun minimus competition days.

Fun Minimus /Training events 

Kildare (Clane)            April 22nd

Wicklow (Shillelagh)   April 29th

Meath (Kells)              May 7th                (No XC)

Warrington                 May 20th

Laois (Stradbally)        May 27th

Golden Vale                June Bank Holiday

South Union PC           TBC


Rule Changes ( As per IPC meeting January 2018)

  1. Penalties
    1. 70 penalties for option to remain same
    2. For refusals: 1st = 60; 2nd =90 (v 60 previously); 3rd = 100 (v 80 previously)
  2. No interclub teams at junior level for Tetrathlon ( onus on club to recruit third team mate)
  3. For minimus recommended to have competed in at least 2 training competitions from list above (may incl. 2017 Championship)
  4. Drop down stirrups allowed for Minimus & Tetrathlon.
  5. Tail gating at gate and slip rail currently not allowed, but will be actively enforced with additional stewards on these obstacles
  6. Senior Tetrathlon team may have one member between 21 to 23
  7. HC will no longer be allowed for Minimus competition


There will be new “National Triathlon Competition”

No Age limit

80 cm XC Championship level course/ 2 minute swim /1 km run

Run by branch with assistance of IPC tetrathlon committee – possibly Laois Fun Minimus Day TBC

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